Loyola University Maryland · Sellinger School of Business

The Rev. Joseph A. Sellinger, S.J., School of Business and Management is Loyola's only named school, as such it commands a robust sub-brand to support the many majors and graduate programs that it offers. Sellinger needed to have its own visual presence and a unique set of messages to speak to its large audience of stakeholders at Loyola.

Sellinger's graduate programs viewbooks, featured a pin-stipe textured cover that was printed and trimmed on a 45° angle to reflect this prominent brand design motif.

As the keeper of Loyola's brand design I regularly created and updated brand guides like the one below. These documents were needed to ensure consitent application of the Sellinger and Loyola brand when working with internal and external partners.

The Sellinger School often needed to flex and update design elements to keep its marketing and ad campaigns fresh. It was my responsibility to review and keep changes within established parameters so that the core Sellinger School brand was recognizable and maintained Loyola's brand equity.