Top 10 of 2015, #8

The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth 2015 Annual Report, Printed Book and Website 

The theme for this Annual was "fun," and it really was a joy to work on. Showcasing the amazing programs and incredible students of CTY (first graders studying the physics of toys, high school students working in nanoenergy labs!) while working with a very talented writer, Maria Blackburn, and photographer, Howard Korn, was truly a good time. I almost felt that the project designed itself, the inspiration was so palpable. The students even helped, by taking "selfies" of themselves having fun while learning at CTY. Their photos can be seen  throughout the print book and on the companion website; www.ctyannualreport.com

I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed working with them!

The printed book and one of my favorite photos by Howard Korn. 

Close up of an interior of the book. In order to really show the kids having fun, we focused on their faces, which really do tell the whole story. Especially the kid that shaved CTY into his hair!